Prime Network
Draws from €400,000+
Draws between €5,000 and €10,000
Draws between €1,000 and €2,500
In-house Progressive Jackpots
Race for riches in Golden Crown Casino's
Grand Trophy promo!
Win big with our trio of progressive Jackpots - "MINI", "MIDDLE", and the colossal "Prime Network".
Feel the adrenaline as each Jackpot grows with every bet. Don't miss out – play now!
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CameronMiniA$546.1913.07.2024 11:58:34
SineadMiddleA$6,093.9210.07.2024 11:46:36
SkyeMiniA$34208.07.2024 13:40:51
KloweMiniA$448.7730.06.2024 09:09:50
LisaMiniA$555.6627.06.2024 10:17:28
AshleighMiniA$486.5821.06.2024 11:26:51
WayneMiniA$682.7120.06.2024 03:08:13
MeritMiniA$423.7714.06.2024 02:17:56
CoreyMiniA$755.6411.06.2024 01:41:01
MatthewMiniA$413.408.06.2024 06:45:30
NathanMiniA$812.2604.06.2024 19:17:20
JohnMiniA$453.5229.05.2024 19:55:36
KarleeMiniA$531.9614.05.2024 15:10:30
JamesMiniA$440.4612.05.2024 23:51:00
JohnMiniA$787.5911.05.2024 18:17:56
Grand Trophy promo consists of three progressive Jackpots - "MINI", "MIDDLE" and "Prime Network".
All Jackpots grow over time, meaning that a percentage of all wagers in each game on Golden Crown Casino will be added to the Jackpot prize pool. This is done at no additional cost to the player.
All Jackpots have a minimum amount that must be collected to activate the Jackpot draw. These are:
- €1,000 for "MINI";
- €5,000 for "MIDDLE";
- €400,000+ for "Prime Network".
All Jackpots have a maximum limit before the draw is guaranteed to start. These are:
- €2,500 for "MINI";
- €10,000 for "MIDDLE".
Requirements for automatic participation in the Promo:
- A registered Golden Crown Casino account;
- Minimum age 18 years or older where required by law;
- No legal prohibition (residency rule) to receive the bonus;
- The user's account has not been blocked or suspended during or prior to the expiry of the Promo and has not been excluded from playing according to Golden Crown Casino's Terms & Conditions (hereinafter "T&C").
In order to automatically participate in this Promo, wagers must be made with real money and in (one of) the following currencies: EUR (Base), USD, AUD, NZD, CAD, BTC, ADA, BCH, BNB, ETH, LTC, NEO, TRX, USDC.
All Jackpots will only be drawn among players who are currently online at the Golden Crown Casino website and have wagered at least €1 (or its equivalent in any other currency) on any available game within the last 120 seconds.
All Jackpots are drawn randomly.
The bonus you receive as a reward for winning a Jackpot must be activated in the player's account within 30 days of receipt.
Once activated, the bonus will be added in full to the player's real money account with no wagering requirements attached.
Winnings from any Jackpots are available for withdrawal in accordance with the relevant withdrawal limits outlined in T&C of Golden Crown Casino.
All Jackpot amounts are denominated in Euros (EUR). If the primary account currency is not EUR, winnings will be added to the corresponding primary account currency in EUR equivalent.
Jackpot winnings may be withdrawn as long as they are within the respective payout limits as set out in T&C of the Golden Crown Casino.
The display of the current Jackpot amount may be delayed by up to 15 seconds and the Jackpot amounts displayed may differ slightly from the actual winnings due to rounding.
Winnings are to be paid out by Golden Crown Casino using only the Casino's own funds.
The payout percentage of the qualifying games does not affect the winnings.
In the event of suspected fraud, Golden Crown Casino reserves the right, in accordance with its T&C, to withhold any account balance and/or close a player's account.
Golden Crown Casino is not responsible for system, hardware, connection or other problems or errors that may affect a user.
In the event of a faulty connection to Golden Crown Casino, the availability of the Promo may be limited.
Players accept this agreement and all of the above by participating in the Promo.
The Jackpot Rules set out herein are in addition to, and do not replace, the T&C and supersede them.
Golden Crown Casino reserves the right to change or end this Promo at any time during the period of Promo.
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