How to sign up to Golden Crown casino?

It is a really simple two-step process. First, click on the "Sign Up" button in the upper right corner. You'll have to fill out a simple form, providing us with your basic personal information as well as accepting our terms and conditions. Second, you'll have to follow the link from the confirmation letter in your email inbox. In just two steps your registration is complete and you can start playing online pokies!

What to do if I forgot my password?

It's not a problem. Click the "Sign In" button, and then click the "I forgot my password" link. Fill in the email address which is associated with your account and we'll send you the instructions via email letter.

What should I do if I forgot my e-mail?

This situation is a little bit more complicated. In such cases, we request our users to go through the identity verification process. This procedure is not strictly regulated as we treat every situation personally. Just contact our support team and we'll do our best to help you.

Can I create multiple accounts on the casino site?

No, this practice is strictly prohibited by the rules of Golden Crown casino. We immediately ban users who create multiple accounts and confiscate these accounts' funds.

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How to change the currency?

Normally, you choose the desired currency when you create your account. You don't have to change currencies — you can just add another one to your deposit options. To do that, hit the blue account button in the upper right corner, go to the "Balance" tab, and there you'll find the "Add currency" option.

Which currencies are supported by the casino?

At the moment, we accept the following currencies: Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and Ripple.

How fast does my money get deposited to my account?

99% of the time, your funds are deposited instantly so you can jump into the game of online pokies right away!

How fast can I withdraw my winnings?

On our side, it usually takes no more than an hour after you place a withdrawal request. After that, the withdrawal speed depends only on your payment method. The majority of e-wallets process such transactions instantly, while withdrawals to debit and credit cards usually take from one to three days.

Are there any minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

Yes, we surely have fair minimum deposit/withdrawal amounts, just to avoid overloading the site with micro transactions. Minimum limits differ from one method to another, so check out our Payments page for details.

Do you take fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds?

We do not take any fees neither from your deposits nor your withdrawals. The only exception is the 0.2% fee in the Cubits payment system (for Bitcoins).

Are there any other restrictions on the amount of withdrawal per day, per week, per month?

Yes, we have regulations regarding daily, weekly, and monthly withdrawal limits, which are elaborated on our Terms and Conditions page.

Do you require any proof of identity for deposits or withdrawals?

Normally, the basic personal information and an accepted payment method are just fine with us. However, we can request your identity confirmation at any time to make sure that it is really you who gets a big win.

How long is the process of identity confirmation?

Our support team always does its best to complete the identity confirmation process in the shortest possible time. Depending on the workload of the site, this process might take from 24 to 48 hours.


How can I get a bonus?

Considering the welcome bonus, it is usually granted to your account immediately after the first deposit, which should be made with the bonis-specific promocode. Other bonuses are granted to you similarly. However, the particular details might differ, so be sure to check out full terms on our Bonus Policy page.

What is a bonus wagering?

Wager is the core condition of nearly every bonus offer. It is a multiplier that shows how many bets you should make in order to obtain the bonus sum of money. Let's do the simple math. You get a €100 bonus which has a x30 wager. It means that in order to get that €100 you'll have to bet an overall sum of €3,000.

What should I do if I can’t wager a bonus?

Please examine the bonus terms carefully. Probably, you are unknowingly violating the terms while trying to wager it. If you are sure you’re doing everything right, please turn to our customer support representatives for help.

Do you offer any personal bonuses?

Yes, we always strive to provide our customers with the best online gambling experience. That's why we regularly send our client personal bonus offerings. To not miss them out, check your email inbox for letters from Golden Crown.

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What to do if a game freezes, fails to launch?

In such cases, you should do the following steps. In the majority of cases, reloading the page works fine. The data will not be lost and you'll start exactly from the point where you were interrupted. Secondly, try restarting your browser. If it didn't do the magic, try clearing your browser's cache. After sequentially trying these three methods, you can contact the customer support team, but it is rarely needed.

Is my private information safe?

Yes, Golden Crown guarantees the security of all your personal information as we use industry-standard encryption methods. For more detailed information, visit the Privacy Policy page.

Have any Questions?

I've read FAQ completely and still have unanswered questions

If you still have questions regarding the matters which weren't elaborated in this FAQ, you should contact our customer support team via email or online chat. We'll respond as fast as we can, and all your issues will be fairly resolved.

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